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Basic information:

ELEKTRO-MONT d.o.o. established in 2007 in Đakovo as an entity for the provision of specialized services, electrical installations, production of steel structures and construction. From the first draft our objective has been to market products and services which are primarily of high quality and are ease of access and which differ from our competitors products, not forgetting easily recognized on the market.

ELEKTRO-MONT d.o.o. građevinarstvo, elektromontaža i trgovina

Residence : Petra Preradovića 84, 31400 Đakovo
Production plant: Petra Preradovića 211, Industrijska zona Đakovo

MBS: 030091281
OIB: 14875422956
Founder: IVICA MIHIĆ, OIB: 53858337823, Đakovo, Petra Preradovića 84, - član uprave, - direktor - pojedinačno i samostalno
IBAN i naziv institucije u kojoj je otvoren isti: HR3023600001102411426, ZAGREBAČKA BANKA