About Us

ELEKTRO-MONT d.o.o. established in 2007 in Đakovo as an entity for the provision of specialized services, electrical installations, production of steel structures and construction. From the first draft our objective has been to market products and services which are primalily of high quality and are ease of access and which differ from our competitors products, not forgeting easily recognized on the market.

We want to be your partner if you have a need for specialized services, electrical installation, manufacture or processing of steel products in the construction industry. Our task is to simplify your search for quality services and products. Only quality can be competitive, and we want to be a reliable partner, relying on quality products, fast services and competitive prices. Only through synergy can we achieve valuable results. An individual approach to clients as a basis of operations and quality positioning in the market, and finding solutions to achieve desires and unique needs of clients.

The high vote of confidence placed in us by our suppliers and clients further confirms our hardworking spirit and our constant desire to improve our business procedures. For this reason, our mission is to be a reliable and long-term partner to all our clients in building their success – the experience, ideas, persistence and knowledge lead us to a common goal.

Sincerely, Elektro-Mont d.o.o. Team